Activities Log
August 31, 2008
The date for the next New York City trip is one week after our next meeting:
Saturday, September 20
There is no specific details on where we will be going and what we are planning to do, other than shop at Mitsuwa and several places in Midtown. Specifics will probably be figured out on the way there or at the meeting, the week before. However, don't let that deter you from doing anything you want, once you get there... If you want to go to the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, or catch a show on 42nd Street or Broadway, don't feel compelled to stick with the group. Just get back in time to head home.
The date for the next trip should be in early or late December (avoiding the November conventions), so plan ahead and put aside a little cash, and think of what Holiday gifts you could pick up while you are in the city!
March 31, 2008
The tentative date for our next Manhattan anime raid is:
Saturday, April 19
Though it can change on the whim of those on the trip, our current expected designs are to hit a bunch of the places in The Village and University area, since we haven't been to that section of Manhattan for quite a while.
Though it's too early to tell, there has been an effort to notify other clubs in the area, in the hopes that we may attract more participation in this event. So hopefully there will be several queries on the mailing list in the next week or two.
The date for the next trip should be in September or early October, so plan ahead and put aside a little cash!
December 13, 2007
By general consensus of the members on the mailing list, the previously proposed date of January 26th has been moved, the tentative date for the next New York City trip will be one week earlier:
Saturday, January 19, 2008
Long term weather predictions have been pointing to a heavier, late, winter, and hopefully this date will precede any nastiness other than light snow. However, if the weather is expected to be inclement for that day, the trip will be postponed.
During the last trip, we discovered that Kinokuniwa opened a new location very close to the Port Authority Terminal, and it occupies three floors. So if books, CDs, or DVDs are your thing (and you have a lot of money), this should be your new favorite spot.
June 15, 2007
As we skip the summer months as targets for the next NYC trip, members and non-members of the club should start thinking and planning for a trip in the cooler months. Possible dates would be:
Sept. 29 -- Oct. 6 -- Oct. 20 -- Oct. 27
Dates earlier would have us melting from the heat, or retching from the warmed over dead things in Chinatown {Frank! I'm trying to eat a tuna sandwich, here!}. Any later, and a trip for early winter would be too close together, or just too cold and possibly covered with ice. I should be removing the dates above as they no longer become possible, eventually ending up with just one. Please notify your preferences on the Mailing List, the sooner the better.
As brought up by our notorious President, Google's Street-View can allow you to do some pre-trip planning in a few places. So, if you've heard of a new place for goods (or food), and can find it on this system, post the link on the Mailing List so we can make note of it, and check it out on the raid.
March 10, 2007
After nearly six months, we have set the date for the next New York City anime raid.
Saturday, March 24th, 2007 is the date. Pushed one week back to avoid the St. Patrick's Day parade and numerous Leprechaun activities.
Please contact the mailing list ASAP, to confirm whether or not you will be going, and whether you will be driving or providing transportation for anyone else.
For those meeting at the Collingswood Library, it is expectted that everyone be ready to leave promptly at 8:00 am, in order to arrive at Mitsuwa prior to 10:00 am.
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