Programming 3/11/2006
Densha Otoko - Episode 1 () 50m
Shinesman OVA - 1 & 2 () 56m
Hiroya has just been hired by the Raito organization, and his is looking forward to being the best corporate trader that he can be. He is very proud of his capabilities as a "company" man. Imagine his surprise, when, in an early meeting, he is told of his real job at the firm… He is also to be a member of the Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman! And this is no ordinary sentai group, as can be immediately determined by their outfit colors, among them, sepia, salmon pink, and moss green.
A send-up of sentai anime, hilarious in both languages! Shown from the English Dub on DVD. [gdh]
Dear Boys - Episode 1 () 25m
When transfer student Aikawa Kazuhiku arrives at his new school, and sees the girls basketball club, he is puzzled, and the girls are abusive. He was expecting to find the boys basketball club. He joins his classes and signs up for the basketball club, but is in for a surpise.
On entering the club room he finds only four members (and since you need five players for basketball…), all who have lousy attitudes, and none who actually want to play, let alone practice. So he goes out on the court, and is challenged by the girls' team. Can he get past five of their best players, just for the right to practice? Now, he will reveal something which will surprise most everyone on the court. [gdh]
F-Zero Falcon Densetsu - Episode 1 () 23m

Honey & Clover - Episode 4 () 25m

Gokujou Seitokai - Episode 4 () 25m
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