Programming 10/14/2006
Pumpkin Scissors - Episode 1 () 25m
Death Note - Episode 1 () 23m [Live-Evil]
Light is an excellent student who suffers from extreme boredom. One day he notices a book fall from the sky into the schoolyard. The book is a "death note," a journal in which the name and manner of death of humans is recorded, to become reality. Shinigami (death gods) normally handle the entering of this information, but the owner of this book, deliberately let it fall to Earth, and as a lark, printed instructions on how to use the book, within its pages. Light, at first, thinks the book is a joke. But then he tests it, and then again...

Yamato Nadeshico Shichi Henge - Episode 1 () 24m
Four bishounen (these boys are prettier than most girls - sigh) are renting rooms in a manse, while they go to school. Then one day, the lady of the house makes a sudden departure, via helicopter, and gives the boys a bargain (or so they think). The landlady's niece is moving into the house, and while the boys are staying there, they are to help make her into a lady, in fashion, looks, and behavior. If they do, their living expenses are free, if not, they will be tripled. It doesn't seem like much of a challenge... until they meet her.
Sunako is dark, dour, and unwanting of help. She deliberately acts strange, loves horror flicks, and has a severe aversion to beautiful things, especially the four boys!
This is deliberately all played for laughs, and has about it a very slapstick-like quality.
D.Gray Man - Episode 1 () 25m

Zero no Tsukaima - Episode 2 () 25m

Sasami ~Mahou Shoujo Club~ - Episode 1 () 25m [Muri]
Sasami is your typical young schoolgirl. She has normal friends, a normal family, a normal life... except for one thing... she can use magic. She must hide this talent, for obvious reasons, and here father is very adamant about this. Recently, she has been trying to make friends with a very reserved and quiet girl named Misao.
Sasami's life begins to get more interesting with the arrival of a new medical-room teacher, Washu, who manages to cover several other classes as well. Things begin to get out of hand when the live subject of a cooking demonstration gets free, and the teacher orders the girls to recapture it.
This series, has absolutely nothing to do with any other Tenchi Muyo! or Pretty Samy continuity, other than the character names. The character designs are even significantly different.
Karin - Episode 1 () 24m [Kaze no Koe]
Karin is a little bit different from the other girls in school. She's also different from the other members of her family. When she gets up in the morning, she is alone, and the house is quiet. This is because she is a member of a family of vampires. But she doesn't share the aversion to light, or any of those other things. In fact, she doesn't exactly drink blood, either. Instead, when the urge comes, she generates extra blood, usually having to give it to her "victims." This morning, Karin finds she has an odd feeling about a boy, Kenta, and her constant crossing of paths with him, leaves her constantly running away in embarrassment. On top of that, she finds that she is producing much more blood than normal. And he, having seen her in the park with an older man, incorrectly assumes something else is going on.
Lovely Idol - Episode 1 () 25m [WInD]
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