Programming 11/11/2006
Air Gear - Episode 2 () 24m
Fate/Stay Night - Episode 2 () 24m

Death Note - Episode 2 () 23m
Now that Light has managed to master the "Death Note," the more than coincidental deaths of dozens of criminals has attracted the attention of both the authorities and the legendary Detective "L."
Paranoia and his imagining of the architecture of the new world, with he as it's god, drives Light. A cunning mind and a deductive reasoning heavily reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes, drives L. Here they begin their battle, with neither knowing who is really who.
The shinigami begins to find out how interesting the humans really are.
Zero no Tsukaima - Episode 3 () 24m
Saito has now recovered from his less than voluntary battle with the noble boy. However, his peace is short lived as he manages to get himself in trouble, in typical anime fashion, by making a comment about Louise's female attributes (the word "zero" is used). He is sent outside, without a meal, to sleep in front of her door like a dog. Saito quickly finds out that he has gained notoriety with the working-class. His battle has earned him the title of "Sword of the Commoner."

Red Garden - Episode 1 () 24m
Set in New York City

Welcome to the NHK! - Episode 1 () 24m
Satou is a self-described "hikikomori" - a shut-in - a term often used to describe otaku, and other escapees from society. He is so withdrawn, that he begins to have paranoid fantasies that infect his dreams, both in slumber and musings. As he begins to believe the odd ramblings of his mind, over reality, he is visited by two women representing a spiritual group, one young and cute, the other matronly. By coincidence (or is it?) they press upon him a publication expounding on the evils of his lifestyle. This encounter sets him into motion and he goes in search of a part-time job. However, he cannot get away from his earlier encounter, and as such begins to court the oddness of the situation.
It is not recommended that you be under the influence of perception altering drugs, while viewing this.
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge - Episode 2 () 24m
Ghost Hunt - Episode 1 () 24m
Hataraki Man - Episode 2 () 24m
We goofed here and showed the second episode instead of the first.
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