Programming 2/9/2008
Morning Musume - various music videos
Previous to the anime, Craig brought several Morning Musume music videos to show. These were videos for: "Kanashimi Twilight," "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari," "Sakura Mankai," and "egao yes nude (live)."
All these videos can be found (currently) on YouTube, and the group's wikipedia page is here.
Oh! Edo Rocket - Episode 1 () 24m
This is a serio-comic combination of the legend of Princess Kaguya and the life of the fireworks maker Tamaya Seikichi. Based on a stage play, this story takes place during the Tempo Reforms (1842), where residents of Edo are forbidden to indulge in luxuries of any kind. In order to avoid trouble, our hero sneaks out of the city to test his fireworks. He manages to just avoid being caught, with the help of the motley group of rowhouse tenants he has as friends. Later when he returns home, a beautiful girl is waiting for him, and she wants him to build a very special firework... If that weren't complicated enough, special forces are engaged in a battle with monsters in the forest. And though not immediately noticeable, at least four of our players are not human.
History, drama, comedy, evil officials, secret societies, serial killings, cute girls, a beautiful man, and a very likeable and energetic boy who likes to blow things up... What else could you ask for? How about: spaceships, swing, odd super-pwers, Puffy, aliens, playboy bureaucrats, karakuri mecha, morph machines, the fourth-wall in rubble, and... a little romance... but wait, there's more!) [gdh]
Cutie Honey the LIVE - Episode 4 () ##m
Minami-ke - Episode 4 () ##m
Bamboo Blade - Episode 4 () ##m
Sailor Moon - Sailor Stars - Episode 174 () ##m
Captain N - Episode 1 () ##m
Star Ocean EX - Episode 1 () 22m
Does everybody remember their lessons from early TV science-fiction? Don't mess with the alien technology! (corollary: Let the people wearing red do it for you.)
Claude is the admiral's son, and they serve aboard the same starship. Unfortunately Claude is inexperienced and his father is a bit of a perfectionist. Life on board isn't easy, and it seems like the father has no confidence in his son. After a close call in which Claude behaves rather unprofessionally, they end up examining some ruins planetside. Naivete shows as Claude forgets the cardinal rule...
Elsewhere, the young girl Rena is joyful, as she believes a prophesied warrior, with a sword of light, will arrive soon to save her world from the evil influences that have plagued it, ever since a meteor impact. Based on the videogame. [gdh]
Majokko Tsukune-Chan - OVA 2 () 12m
In this short OVA, Tsukune-chan, a young witch, gets to meet the Mayor's niece, who's curiosity leads her to ask Tsukune about how to use magic.
Then, on New Year's, Tsukune-chan hangs out around the house with the Mayor and his niece. They get a surprise visit from Tsukune's uncle Tony, who is an adventurer, somewhat like Lara Croft... apparently with the same respect for antiquities.
Then, it's a day in the life of Tsukune-chan. We start by seeing how she greets the morning... [gdh]
Angelique 4 - OVA 2 () ##m
When the scoring occurs, the unexpected happens. This leads to the two reconsidering what it really means to be qualified for queen, and has Angelique first questioning motives around her, and then realizing that not everything follows the kind of rules that she is used to. [gdh]
Dragonaut: The Resonance - Episode 1 () ##m
Rental Magica - Episode 1 () ##m
"There are just a few more mages in the world than people think."
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