Programming 6/14/2008
Oh! Edo Rocket - Episode 5 () 24m
Cutie Honey the Live - Episode 8 () 24m
Moyashimon - Episode 1 () ##m
Our tale starts with a very inauspicious announcement to the students at the opening ceremony of an agricultural university.
Kei and Tadayasu have just started at rural Tokyo's Agricultural College, and within minutes, they meet one of their first professors in a rather unique and unpleasant way. This saves them time, however, since Tadayasu's grandfather wanted him to meet with the professor anyway.
It seems that Tadayasu has a rather bizarre ability, he can see and communicate with microbial life, as anthropomorphized creatures. And grandfather leaked this secret to professor Itsuki Keizo. So, now that he is in the classroom, is Tadayasu the experimenter or the experiment? [gdh]
The Daughter of 20 Faces - Episode 1 () ##m
It's post-war Japan. 20-Faces, a mysterious thief who always leaves advanced warning of his crimes, never hurts a soul, usually exposes corruption, and always outwits the police, leaving scott-free, has been very active of late. His exploits hitting television, radio, and the papers, and attracting some rather unwanted attention. So what does this have to do with young Chizuko? She is moody, dark, and deliberately spills her food after just one bite or sip. She seems to be spoiled rather excessively, yet spends her time doing nothing more than repeatedly reading detective stories and the exploits of 20-Faces.
What darkness is at hand? [gdh]
Bus Gamer - TV Special 1 () ##m
Three young men are "recruited" to play in a game between corporate factions, where the sole goal of the game is to have your team be the possessor of a disc of information at the game's end. The teams compete against each other, one of which starts the game in possession of the disc. Each successive round the money is increased, starting at ¥10,000 all the way up to ¥1,000,000,000. The group of three the story follows are unalike and two initially refuse to have anything to do with each other. On top of that, there is no guarantee of safety to the players, and no rules, other than to possess the disc. [gdh]
Toshokan Sensou - Episode 1 () ##m
Due to the institution of two laws that were designed to protect citizens and the flow of accurate and safe information, a rather implausible situation arose... The organization responsible for safe and accurate information (national level) turned fascist, and the organization to protect information and books (local level) created a self-defense force. These two groups escalated their minor civil conflicts into a near war-like issue.
Enter Kasahara Iku, who, due to personal reasons from her past, has joined the Library Force to become a member of the Defense Force. In this first episode we see her training in boot-camp-like conditions. She excels in her training, but her one complaint is with a superior, Dojo Atsushi, who rides her hard and without mercy. She hates him quite passionately for the way she is treated. Change is inevitable as small but obvious things are pointed out to her. [gdh]
Special A - Episode 1 () ##m
Hikari's father is a major fan of Pro Wrestling, and trained his daughter to wrestle and spar. She soon became unbeatable, until one day, something happened that would change her life... She met Kei, a boy who had also been trained in Pro Wrestling. That led to a chain of fate where, no matter the circumstance or challenge, she would always lose to him, whether it be simple, or some complex absurd chain of events. As they grew up, Hikari continued to challenge Kei, and she continued to follow him, even so far as to force her parents to enroll her in the same school as Kei. [gdh]
Monochrome Factor - Episode 1 () ##m
Akira is a slacker, not really because he is lazy, but life and school just bore him. However, that's about to change. After ditching classes and the rather high-strung girl Aya, he stumbles across a man who calls himself Shirogane, but claims he isn't a man. For he casts no shadow on earthly matter. This tall and strange man wants Akira to join him. When he refuses, Shirogane assures him they will meet again. And after a night on the town, Akira does. But things from the shadows threaten Akira and his friends, and change the balance between he and Shirogane. [gdh]
Majokko Tsukune-chan - OVA 5 () 10m
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