Programming 7/12/2008
Oh! Edo Rocket - Episode 6 () 24m
Riku, childhood friend of Seikichi, searches for him, initially interested in inviting him back to work with the Kagiya family on fireworks. When she hears that he has been seen constantly in the presence of a girl named Sora, she assumes the worst, that her fiancée is being led-on by this interloper. Meanwhile, the blue beast continues its rampage, killing young women on the streets of Edo. And before the day is out, there will be two major confrontations. [gdh]
Cutie Honey the Live - Episode 9 () 24m
In order to keep their hands clean, Panther Claw comes up with a unique way to "convince" someone to do their dirty work.
Yuki has been kidnapped by Todou, and the demand is for 50 million yen. But there is a problem conscripting amateurs, after all, they are amateurs. Yuki thinks the whole situation is exciting and her and her kidnapper end up evolving their own kidnapping set-up, which eventually has Honey working for them. [gdh]
Hakaba Kitaro - Episode 1 () 23m
New neighbors move into the old temple next door, and when Mizuki goes to visit, he discovers the new tenants are the last two members of the "Ghost Tribe." A pair of mononoke, who have hidden from humans for æons, one of which is pregnant. They don't wish to harm him, and they beg him not to reveal their presence, at least until their child is born. [gdh]
Slayers Revolution - Episode 1 () 24m
Lina inverse is worried about making them extinct, so she stops battling bandits, and takes up pounding pirates instead. Her latest attack is on one who looks to have been watching too many recent Disney movies. Gourry's in sad shape, since he can't seem to get a good replacement sword. And Zelgadiss and Amelia are helping Inspector Wiser Flayon find Lina. [gdh]
Bus Gamer - TV Special 2 & 3 () 47m
We pick up at the cliffhanger the first episode left off at, and continue with the story of our three anti-heroes. Their lives resume their normal pace after the first match, and they start preparing for the next. Significant complications arise when Saitou picks up a gun during one competition, and then later combats a policewoman in a gaming arcade. Their next game occurs at a beer-garden (rooftop restaurnat), where they are surrounded by dozens of innocents, all of whom could potentially be their opponents, including the policewoman from earlier.
This concludes with the third episode. Not because the story ends... but because it's a teaser, the funds gave out, the ratings sucked, or some other unknown reason. It ends long before they get the billion yen prize, and before any major backgrounds or foreshadowing is completed. [gdh]
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