Programming 12/13/2008
Excel Saga - Episode 4 ##m [ADV]
"C. Stick it in!"
Oh! Edo Rocket - Episode 10 24m
Cutie Honey the Live - Episode 13 24m
Birdy the Mighty Decode - Episode 4 24m
The Daughter of 20 Faces - Episode 3 23m
Clocksuckers - Episodes 1-3, 11 ##m
GeGeGe no Kitarou (1968) - Episode 1 26m
Presented in sparkling monochrome! Walking through the cemetary at night, a young boy finds a baseball bat. Trying it out he finds it makes his hits rather exceptional, and plans to use it to increase his scoring while playing for the school team. Results are better than expected and soon their ball club is being funded, and then offered a massive fee. However, the boys on the team don't realize it is a demon's bat, and soon something bad is bound to happen. That trouble comes to call indirectly when Kitarou offers to retrieve the bat for the original owner. [gdh]
Soul Eater - Episode 1 ##m
Maka and Soul work together, the former a shinigami in training, and the latter a human weapon attempting to gain the power of 99 pre-demon souls and the soul of a witch, enabling him to become a weapon worthy of a true shinigami. After interrupting the hunting of modern-ages first serial killer (probably the 700th variation or so), they need only now find a witch's soul. So, to the pumpkin patch they go, to confront Blair... [gdh]
Fireball - Episode 1 2m
The main character, Drossel, appears to be a humanoid robot in the vague shape of a girl with long ponytails. Her servant is a giant industrial/utility robot. The episodes are two minutes long, and in the first episode, Drossel wants to see a Dolphin, but they've been extinct for 48,000 years.
Produced by Disney Channel Japan, this was shorter than some of the old Cartoon Network bits for Toonami, but with greater technical expertise. [gdh]
Persona Trinity Soul - Episode 1 ##m
Odd things are happening. The crew of a small submarine vanishes while on a mission; bodies are found turned inside out; and others are stricken with the "apathy syndrome."
Ten years after living with their aunt, Shin and Jun return to the house they used to live in with their older brother, Ryo. But he's not there, and is unreachable. His job investigating the odd happenings seems to be a bit more important. And his involvement is definitely a bit more convolute than just being an investigator, which becomes more obvious, as he attempts to rescue a girl in protective custody. [gdh]
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