Programming 3/14/2009
Cutie Honey the Live - Episode 16 ##m
The Daughter of 20 Faces - Episode 6 ##m
The gang manages to distract the pursuing police with a decoy, and 20 Faces finishes the trade of the Clock of the Three Magi for certain bits of information. Meanwhile Chiko wrestles with her conscience after her betrayal of trust during their last job. And once on the train and away,things take a horrible turn, as several unexpected guests have been waiting for them. [gdh]
Oh! Edo Rocket - Episode 13 ##m
The Men in Black have been ever curious about why they have been forbidden by Captain Bellybutton to enter a neighborhood containing a certain rowhouse. So in plainclothes, they decide to investigate, hoping not to find him in cahoots with the skybeast. Fortuitous timing keeps his secret, but reveals even greater horrific details about the blue skybeast. [gdh]
Chaos; Head - Episode 3 ##m
Xam'd: Lost Memories - Episode 1 ##m
Hyakko - Episode 1 ##m
Kemeko DX - Episode 3 ##m
Kannagi - Episode 3 ##m
Miscellaneous Television Commercials
More unusual television commercials are inserted between the various episodes, most starring American film and TV stars. Included this time are: Tommy Lee Jones in four more Rainbow Mountain bits; Nicholas Cage with triplets about pachinko; Sean Connery for scotch whiskey; Arnold Schwarzenegger in an energy drink spot; the second Kiefer Sutherland spoof on 24 for CalorieMate, and finally a Toto toilet ad featuring penguins. [gdh]
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