Programming 4/11/2009
This anniversary meeting, once again saw a flood of DVDs, as we entertained each other with a Bring-Your-Own-DVD meeting. Happy fourth anniversary, and we now begin our fifth year.

NightWalker - Episode 1 ##m
I'd like to intruduce Tatsuhiko Shido, a detective who unlike many, prefers to work nights. Not for the normal reasons... you may have even known a few of his kind, but not realized it. He tends to take on many of the darker cases, those that don't fit within the laws of mortal human beings. You see, he's a vampire, and a fairly powerful one. He is also fairly protective of his city, and those that live there. With the help of his enamored secretary, Riho, the Fed, Yayoi, and a small imp, they keep the evil at bay. [gdh]
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 1 ##m
Bubblegum Crisis - Episode 1 ##m
Shinesman - Episodes 1&2 ##m
Hiroya has just been hired by the Raito organization, and he is looking forward to being the best corporate trader that he can be. He is very proud of his capabilities as a "company" man. Imagine his surprise, when, in an early meeting, he is told of his real job at the firm… He is also to be a member of the Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman! And this is no ordinary sentai group, as can be immediately determined by their outfit colors, among them, sepia, salmon pink, and moss green.
A send-up of sentai anime, hilarious in both languages! Shown again in celebration of the club's anniversary. [gdh]
Those Who Hunt Elves - Episode 1 ##m
This is a fantasy world, one on the other side of absurdity. Here there be elves and half human hybrids of all kinds. In this world ghosts are real, magic works, and petroleum fuel is squeezed from fruit. And here is where three hapless humans were conjured from the rather mundane existence of life in Japan, planet Earth.
We find in this opener that two groups are after a cute, pink-haired elf, but for different reasons. The first is a pirate group, who have kidnapped a villager in exchange for the elf, and the other is the group of three from Earth, those they call... "Those Who Hunt Elves." [gdh]
Shamanic Princess - Episode 1 ##m
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