Programming 09/14/2019

Tokyo Mew Mew - Episode 13 - 24m
Ika Musume 12 - 24m
See - This is the end of the first "season". The second season is apparently more of the same with an extra explamation point.
Saint Tail - Episode 34 - 24m
Zero Dragon Blood - 1 - 24m
See - A non-direct sequel to Garo (there was a miniseries and a bunch of movies in between) this series focuses on Zero and a new lady who becomes important to him.
Damekko Doubutsu - 5 - 5m
Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger - 5 - 24m
Kiko-chan's Smile - 1 - 24 minutes
See's_Smile Kiko-chan's Smile is an anime and manga series about a kindergarten student who has many of the features of a child prodigy but at the same time displays many bizarre habits and an odd personality.
Nichijou - 08 - 24 minutes
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pitch Pure - Episode 33 - 24m
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